TerminalServer: PlugIn for eDocPrintPro | The created  PDF files can be sent directly by eMail!

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Direct eMail sending of your PDF documents

The with eDocPrintPro generated PDF files will be sent out very often by e-mail. To make this process as simple and flexible, we have developed an e-mail plug-in.


  • Direct E-Mail sending as Action after the prinitng process.
  • Most common E-Mail interfaces and clients will be supported  – SMTP, MS-Outlook, MAPI, Lotus Notes.
  • Profileadministration for all setting – new, copy, rename, delete – All settings can be administrated combined – choose profile before sending.
  • Recipients – „to“, „cc“ and „bcc“ can be pre defined, selected from Outlook contacts or set interactive.
  • Pre definiton or set of subject – use of variables for Date, Time, User, Workstation, Attachmentname , Number of Attachments.
  • E-Mail Body – Templates as HTML or Text – Integrated full HTML Editor – at interactiv sending the template can be modified befor sending. Use of Variables in Body Text.
  • Attachmentadministration – one or more Attachments can be added automatically to the PDF printdocument (eg conditions, Flyer, special offers, hints, etc.). Collect all Attachments as ZIP file.
  • Sending – „interactiv“ or „silent“ – Interactiv with Original Client – eg MS-Outlook or based on integrated E-Mail Clients. E-Mail can be modified befor sending.
  • Combined use with other Plugins – eg Overlay, PDF Signature etc. are possible before E-Mail sending.
  • Seperated settings for multiple eDoc Printers on a workstation.

Product homepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

Software maintenance includes updates, patches and product support. With valid maintenance agreement, you will receive by 50% of the list price new versions of the product (change the first digit of the version number). Also new version license free of charge within 6 months of purchase.

Maintenance agreement for the MAY Computer or XKEY products is valid for 12 months and is payable in advance.

Alternative: iPaper PDF Printer
iPaper provide a variety of additional features beyond the functionality of individual plugins and combines a multitude of plugins (overlay, merge, mail, sign, …) in a single easy-to-use application.