Plug-in for eDocPrintPro terminal server

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DOCXConverter plug-in – thus, in addition to the PDF, other editable document formats can be generated during printing from any application.

  • Converts the PDF print output into editable MS Office documents.
  • Creates – MS-Word – DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and MS-Excel – XLS files.
  • Results match the formatting and layout of the source file.
  • Conversion profiles (as XML) to manage configuration settings (New, Copy, Rename, Delete, Import, Export (Single, All).
  • Executable sample application including source code to select and load the DOCXConverter profiles externally.

The DOCXConverter plug-in is also available in the product variants: FM – Folder Monitoring, CL – CommandLine, as well as CS – Converter Service.

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