eDocPrintPro (API/SDK)


The eDocPrintPro API allows the inclusion of the printer driver in own applications.

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The eDocPrintPro API allows the inclusion of the printer driver in own applications as well as the program-setting and retrieving of all functions and parameters. They can also be set in the user interface of the printer driver.

The API does not only allow controlling the settings of the printer driver but the application receives the necessary event-feedback from the printer driver on successfully completed operations.

Software manufacturers and application developers will receive a cost-effective opportunity to expand own programmes with the PDF and image functions as well as launching the printer driver direct to automate operations and processes.

The licensing of the API takes place once per company for a price of EUR 500, – excl. VAT. For the given price we deliver:

  • C #, C ++, VB, VB.NET – 32bit, 32bit under 64bit OS, 64bit – Example projects incl. source code and executable application.
  • Reading out & setting all parameters available on the user interface, event for print start and end of processing.
  • Examples Single Print, Mass Print, Automatic Conversion via Document Printing, Reading and Setting the ZUGFeRD Parameter.
  • eDocPrintPro – Plugin Examples for COM, DLL, EXE.
  • eDocPrintPro SDK documentation in CHM format.

The implementation of the API is possible in all COM / ActiveX able programming languages and programming environments.

This requires the installation of the printer driver eDocPrintPro (free version or paid PDF/A version)

Because of the API is a documentaion with samples we cannot provide a trial version. Also there will be no possibility of retuning the product after delivery!

Payment possible only per Creditcard or advanced payment!

Productpage: https://www.pdfprinter.at/en/sdk/

Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

Software maintenance includes updates, patches and product support. With valid maintenance agreement, you will receive by 50% of the list price new versions of the product (change the first digit of the version number). Also new version license free of charge within 6 months of purchase.

Maintenance agreement for the MAY Computer or XKEY products is valid for 12 months and is payable in advance.