PlugIn for eDocPrintPro | Extracting information from the PDF – Attachment name, path, subject, e-mail addresses

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Extract and Rename.

Extract data from a PDF file: attachment name, path, subject, e-mail addresses, … .

The eDocPrintPro email plugin can search e-mail addresses and subjects via configurable delimiter in the generated PDF, extract and use them for sending the email The eDocPrintPro “Extren ” plugin now includes the ability to define the name of the generated PDF file, and then use this as an attachment name.


  • Definition of variables for destination file name / Notes Name and path – limiter – start / end, looking in – Front page / all pages / Last Page.
  • Defining the naming rule for the new file / attachment name on the fix given (date, time, workstation; name, user name, origin of name counter) or user-defined variable is extracted the content from the PDF.
  • Startup folder if the file is only stored and not sent as an attachment.
  • Path configuration variables as for the file name including free defined variables whose content is extracted from the PDF.
  • Starting value – counter.
  • If destination file already exists – overwrite, counter, attach.
  • After processing delete document – Yes / No

Product homepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

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