AutoOCR is able to convert image and PDF files into searchable PDF. WebService and PDF/A output are additional features.

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Due to the modular and flexible design AutoOCR can not only use a specific OCR engine, but can also integrate several different OCR engines and use parallel. AutoOCR can therefore always be adapted and extended to new OCR developments and products – and the user may, depending on requirements, select the most appropriate solution for him. An unlimited iOCR Standard OCR Engine is integrated with AutoOCR.

Image Processing – this allows the scans to be optimized and improved before OCR recognition in order to increase recognition accuracy and improve image quality. Image processing is also part of AutoOCR-light.


  • Monitoring folders or folder structures – according to newly added or modified documents (PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PCX, DCX)
  • Non Stop – monitoring the Hot Folder for server-based processing
  • Command Line call for start of processing as required
  • “Custom Action Scripts” on C # and VB.NET allow to perform actions before and after the processing of a file
  • Supports several different OCR engines – currently iOCR and OmniPage
  • Creates “hybrid”, full-text searchable and indexable, PDF documents
  • Logging of conversions / errors / warnings in a database
  • E-mail notification in case of error / Preserved documents in an archive folder, Error – Documents are moved to an error folder.

Option: PDF/A
File output also as PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b

Option: PDFCompressor
This enables the PDF files generated by the OCR process to be optimized and compressed to a minimum. In order to create the smallest possible PDF files after OCR processing, PDFCompressor processing can be added to the OCR process.

Option: SOAP / REST Web-Service
AutoOCR can be accessed via HTTP as OCR service. A C # WCF – sample application, as well as a PHP REST Library are available for free.

The OmniPage OCR engine can be activated and is included in AutoOCR setup for AutoOCR or AutoOCR-light from version 2.0.7 as an option in addition to iOCR (Tesseract OCR). For AutoOCR-light, the OmniPage OCR can be separately downloaded and installed.
Please note that for licensing reasons the OmniPage OCR Engine can only be installed on client operating systems – Windows 7/10 but not on Microsoft Server 2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019. The setup can only be performed on Windows 7/10. In terms of performance and stability, this is not a disadvantage.

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