AutoOCR OmniPage 25K


OmniPage (25.000 pages per month) – with superior speed, accuracy and reliability, there’s a lot to love about OmniPage.

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OCR Engine for AutoOCR (25.000 pages per month)

OmniPage – instantly convert all your paper documents and PDFs into editable digital files and forms with the most powerful OCR software for desktops. Installable on client operating system Windows 10/11.

The OmniPage OCR engine can be activated for AutoOCR or AutoOCR-light as of version 2.0.7 as an option in addition to the iOCR (Tesseract OCR) and is already included in the AutoOCR setup. For AutoOCR-light, the OmniPage OCR can be separately downloaded and installed.

It should be noted that for licensing reasons the OmniPage OCR Engine can only be installed on client operating systems – Windows 10/11 but not on Microsoft Server 2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019. The setup can only be performed on Windows 10/11.

Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

Software maintenance includes updates, patches and product support. With valid maintenance agreement, you will receive by 50% of the list price new versions of the product (change the first digit of the version number). Also new version license free of charge within 6 months of purchase.

Maintenance agreement for the MAY Computer or XKEY products is valid for 12 months and is payable in advance.