PDF Folder Merge


Merge files with the same name from defined folders.

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pdfFM – Folder Merge – can be run interactively or as a command line application. During processing, the 3 configured inbox folders are searched for files with the same name. Documents with the same name are merged in the order of the specified folder into a new complete PDF and stored in the destination folder.

An additional parameter can also be used as the page threshold for a second output folder. All documents with fewer pages than the set threshold will be placed in the first and all other files with more pages in the second output folder. A “Pair check – yes/no” option determines whether files with the same name are required in all input folders or not. If the “Pair check” option is active and a file in one of the folders is missing, the files will not be processed and moved to the error folder. A log file logs the processing. In addition to merging into a single PDF, the output file can also be converted to an ISO PDF/A-1b, 2b or 3b file (optional).

Product homepage: www.pdftools.at