Command line application to sign PDF, PDF/A and ZUGFeRD as well as timestamp them.

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PDFSign-CL – allows PDF, PDF/A or ZUGFeRD documents to be signed and/or timestamped. PDFSign-CL is based on our PDFSign – .NET signature component and provides its functionality in the form of a command line application.

PDFSign-CL features:

  • Command line application based on the PDFSign – .NET signature component.
  • PDF, PDF/A and ZUGFeRD PDFs can be provided with an electronic signature and/or an electronic time stamp.
  • PDF/A, ZUGFeRD compatibility is retained.
  • Processes – single files, lists of text files, folders, and entire folder structures.
  • Configuration and selection of signature settings via PDFSign profile Logging the processing.

Product homepage: www.signPDF.de

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