PDFPrint-CL: Print PDFs either directly or through the PDF2Printer print server to locally attached or networked printers.

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PDFPrint-CL: is a command-line printing application to print PDF documents directly on physical printers – locally or remotely. PDFPrint-CL also supports printing through the PDF2Printer printer service


  • Command-line application, several times in parallel callable.
  • Prints PDF’s directly on locally connected or network printers.
  • Supports the PDF2Printer printer service.
  • All settings can be managed via profiles (XML files) – Profile: New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Export, Import.
  • Print based on the PDF elements – for a quick and resource-saving output or as an image file rendered from the PDF.
  • Selection of available printers by name or using the default printer.
  • Adjustable max. resolution and max. memory for the rendered image file.
  • Adjustable timing for printing.
  • Specification of the number of copies.
  • Print Mode: Fit to Page, Original, Reduce.
  • Scale printing output – in % – when output as an image file.
  • Orientation – portrait format, horizontal format or automatic – when output as an image file.

Produkthomepage: www.pdf-print.de

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