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Dynamic integration of predefined backgrounds, regardless of function and ability of the application!

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iPaper allows, per virtual printing from any application, to create PDF documents, underlay a selected stationary or template and e.g. insert direct to an email message. The result for the mail recipient is a PDF document which corresponds in layout, look and color exactly to an document he usually receives via paper-mail.

  • electronic substitution of forms, templates and stationary
  • independence of functions and capabilities of individual applications
  • simple formchange and -distribution – central server storage for all users
  • Send / Print and archiving of electronic documents in the same quality / layout as on paper so far
  • quick selection/change when using different layouts
  • essential simplification and time saving during process
  • so far necessary single steps are now automatically summarized in one process
  • company wide usage of the actual stationary

You are working with your PC as usual, create your letters, calculations or offers with your applications, and finally select “PRINT”, use the new installed PDF printer and the desired form or template, click “OK” and iPaper automatically generates a complete PDF.

Producthomepage: www.ipaper.at

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