Interactive application for printing PDF files.

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DropPrint is an executable MS-Windows printing application that can be started automatically. DropPrint makes it possible to print several PDF documents at once, directly via drag & drop, or via a monitored folder to printers, local or network.

DropPrint is based on our PDFPrint – C # / .NET component and does not require any additional application, such as Adobe Reader, etc.


  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function.
  • Automatic printout of single or multiple PDF’s.
  • Print out by dragging and dropping the PDF’s onto a DropZone and / or Expression by monitoring a folder / folder structure.
  • Print Profiles – New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Import, Export – allow easy and quick change of printer settings (printer, tray, copies …).
  • Print profile can be displayed before printing to change settings.
  • Optional print preview with possibility to change the parameters (printer, settings, copies, page area, page size, orientation, paper feed).

Product homepage: www.pdf-print.de

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