FOLDERMONITORING: Converter to convert PDF or ZIP to PDF/A-1b (a),2b (a),3b (a) or ZUGFeRD and XRechnung documents.

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PDF2PDFA-FolderMonitoring (PDF to PDFA) is installed as an MS-Windows service, can monitor multiple folders based on our PDF/A converter component and is used to automatically convert PDFs to the PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b or ZUGFeRD and XRechnung format. For ZUGFeRD output the XML file must be present.


  • Conversion to PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b.
  • Conversion also to PDF/A-1a, 2a, 3a.
  • ZUGFeRD – level (BASIC, COMFORT, EXTENDED) configurable.
  • MS-Windows service
  • Multiple jobs can be created to monitor multiple inbox folders.
  • Multithreading / Parallel Processing
  • Logging of all events, as well as the cause if a direct PDF / A conversion is not possible.
  • PDF/A Image conversion – if direct PDF/A conversion is not possible.
  • Allocation of PDF / A converter parameters via profiles
  • Embed external files as PDF attachments (PDF/A-3b and ZUGFeRD).
  • Processing ZIP Containers – multiple PDF files at once to include attachments and ZUGFeRD XML – see also >>>
  • Only the start folder or the whole subfolder structure can be processed.
  • Folder contents can be deleted after processing or the folder structure can be preserved.
  • Folder structure from the inbox folder can also be copied to the destination folder.
  • File processing via Filter – Name, Extension, Created from / to, Modified from / to.
  • Sorted processing by name / date and ascending / descending possible.
  • Creation of a new file name via variable (date, time, counter, origin name / extension)
  • Delete the original file (move), copy or create an archive copy
  • Folder Monitoring and Processing Start via File System Events – Immediately, or with an adjustable delay (0-999sec.), or via Time Interval (in min.)
  • Start processing at a set date / time with optional daily / weekly repetition.
  • Adjustable number of retry attempts / time interval if a file should be blocked.


Produkthomepage: www.pdfa.at

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