MS-Windows service to automatically print PDF’s
PDF2Printer is an as MS Windows service installed application. PDF’s are printed automated from monitored folders to different printers.

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PDF2Printer is an application installed as a MS-Windows service to automatically output PDFs from one monitored folder to different printers. PCF print control file triggers the start of the printout. PCF file contains separated with tab: path of the PDF to be printed, name of the printer, paper tray (ID of the tray and name of the tray separated by “:”), number of copies.

Printer Server (max one folder can be monitored).


  • PDF printing service for 32 and 64bit Windows operating systems.
  • Folder Monitoring automates printing of all contained and newly added PDF’s in a folder.
  • Configuration for input / archive and Error Folder.
  • After the printing process  shifting the PDF’s in the archive / error folder and delete the file.
  • Selection – default printer from the list of available printers if no PCF printer control file is specified.
  • Service – Start / Stop.
  • View log file.
  • Configuration – Windows Service account  as a system or user account.

Product homepage: www.PDF-Print.de

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