ImageProcessing-FM as Windows service with folder monitoring. Image processing is used to improve and optimize the quality of scanned documents (PDF, TIFF, JPEG).

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Image processing is used to improve and optimize the quality of scanned documents (PDF, TIFF, JPEG) or to improve the image quality for machine readability in preparation for a subsequent OCR recognition. This allows blank pages and black borders , Holes, lines and impurities are removed. The FM version is installed as a Windows service and can monitor one or more input folders.


  • MS Windows service.
  • Multiple jobs can be created to monitor multiple input folders.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures a high processing throughput.
  • Configuration of the processing steps via profiles (new, copy, edit, delete, export, import).
  • Only the start folder or the entire subfolder structure can be processed.
  • Folder contents can be deleted after processing or the folder structure can be retained.
  • The folder structure from the input folder can also be transferred to the target folder.
  • File processing via filter – name, extension, created from / to, changed from / to.
  • Sorted processing by name / date as well as ascending / descending possible.
  • Generation of a new file name via variable (date, time, counter, original name / extension).
  • Delete the original file (move), copy or create an archive copy.
  • Folder monitoring and processing start via file system events – immediately, or with an adjustable delay (0-999sec.), or over time interval (in min.).
  • Start of processing at a set date / time with optional daily / weekly repetition.
  • Adjustable number of retry attempts / time interval if a file should be blocked.
  • Logging (all events, only the error events).

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