TerminalServer: PlugIn for eDcoPrintPro | Search the created PDF file for keywords and split the document at this points automatically

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Based on the routines to extract text from PDF documents we developed a PlugIn for eDocPrintPro to search the created PDF file for keywords and to split the document at this points automatically. The information contained therein is used to produce the individual documents in a specific path under a specific name.It is e.g. possible to split series of letters, bills, reminders, orders from a PDF print to individual PDF documents and to process these individual files automatically.

The control information, necessary for the postprocessing, can be extracted from the content of the PDF file. The embedded information can be visible or unvisible in the document. “Visible” e.g. with a printed order- or invoicenumber or email address. “Unvisible” means e.g. using white font on white paper or a very small font.

So the information will be in the file and can be extracted, but is not readable in the document.


PDFSplit – Functions:

• eDocPrintPro Plugin

• definition of keywords for begin/end as well as for path(filename

• search for path and filename in the individual pages of the complete document.

• if there is no information found the “save as” dialog pops up.

• at every page containing the information the document is splitted in single parts.

• the splitted documents are saved via the extracted information


Producthomepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

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