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Optional extension: SIGN Add-On für iPaper 3 (more info in our blog)

PDFSign is used to sign PDF documents with an X.509 certificate.


  • All kinds of certificates – PFX file, USB token, SmartCard, Hardware Security Module (HSM) – are supported.
  • PDF/A or ZUGFeRD Documents remain valid (invoice signatures).
  • PAdES LTV Standard – Enables the long-term validation of the signature.
  • Time stamp function – A time stamp helps to clearly determine whether a document has not been modified after the signature.
  • Long and thus more secure keys (SHA512 algorithm and RSA2048) are supported.
  • Encryption of PDF documents.
  • Function to confirm PDF documents.
  • Visible signature – page, position, image, font, signature box, signature labels – are configurable.
  • Certificate Generator – Allows you to create self-signed software certificates.

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