Add-on for FileConverterPro – allows document conversions and compilations to be generated as PDF or PDF/A from any workstation.

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Add-on for FileConverterPro

Based on PDFMerge we brought out a PDFMergeClient for the FileConverterPro (FCpro) Server. It makes it possible to produce document conversions and compilations as PDF or PDF/A from any workplace. The PDF-conversion and processing of the documents is done via a FileConverterPro Server-service reachable in the local network or via the internet, which is addressed with SOAP / REST through HTTP(S). With that resources can be used collectively more efficient: the local computers get relieved, applications installed centrally (MS-Office, DWG/DXF converter) get installed centrally and used together and don’t have to be installed on the local workplaces.

Differences to a local installation of PDFMerge:

  • The PDF or PDF/A conversion doesn’t take place locally but via HTTP(S) communication through a central FCpro service.
  • No local installation of MS-Office, DWG/DXF converter needed – because the central FCpro service is used.
  • No configuration of own local conversion profiles needed – selection of centrally predefined FCpro profiles.
  • Document preview only possible for image and PDF documents.
  • More compact setup – 65MB to 240-500MB – because the PDF converter and the OCR engine aren’t installed locally.
  • Simplified usage because less configuration possibilities are available.
  • Cost-effective option to produce PMT / PMTX files on any workplace to process them via a FCpro Server or PDFMerge.

Produkt homepage: www.FileConverterPro.at

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