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Dynamic integration of predefined backgrounds with Folder Monitoring and Windows service! Source documents must already be PDF!

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iPaper Server basically works like the client version and offers the same features. The settings are not made at the client but – because iPaper server works with folder monitoring – directly at the monitores folder. There can be several folders with different settings monitored.

Folder Monitoring and Windows Service

iPaper client generates a PDF file over a printing process, and this can then be processed further. There are a number of actions – under Stationery, printing, saving, protecting PDF, PDF metadata merge, documents, etc.

All these functions can be used with the iPaper server also has a Windows service. The start of the processing is done by monitoring directory with one or more watched folders. For each folder, different actions and parameters are set.

It is possible to use the iPaper functions with any existing or created PDF’s. So the iPaper Server can also be used very effectively with our free eDocPrintPro printer driver to automate the processing of PDF’s centrally.

PDF / A AddOn for iPaper PDF FolderMonitoring

PDF / A-1b and 3b – The deposited stationery and the results documents of the iPaper processing can be automatically converted to PDF / A-1b or 3b format. If the inserted stationery can not be automatically converted to PDF / A, please send us the PDF by mail and we will produce the necessary PDF / A versions for you. PDF / A-3b is the basis for electronic accounting according to the ZUGFeRD standard. The PDF / A function is released as an additional option, but is available as a 30 day trial version after installation.

MDX AddOn für iPaper PDF FolderMonitoring


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