Merging the single PDF(/A) files to a total PDF/A file .

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EasyMerge is used to merge multiple PDF or PDF / A documents into a single PDF or PDF / A file. Files can be dragged by drag & drop. Drop or past the eDocPrintPro printer driver into a processing list. The order can be changed at any time and the text for the bookmarks in the entire file can be edited.

Version 1.6.0 is now based on our PDF to PDF / A converter component and supports not only PDF / A-1b but also PDF / A-2b, PDF using PDF / A conversion profiles / A-3b as well as the Level 3b based ZUGFeRD format for electronic invoice exchange.

EasyMerge features:

  • Convert PDFs to PDF / A-1b, 2b, 3b or ZUGFeRD
  • Multiple PDF single files are merged into a single PDF (/ A) total result file.
  • Insert the individual files using Drag & amp; Drop, file selection or automatic transfer via the eDocPrintPro printer driver
  • Change & amp; Set the order of the individual files – Move Up / Down
  • Editing Bookmarks – These are added to the entire file for each individual file.
  • PDF / A Profiles – set parameters for PDF / A conversion.


Productpage: https://www.pdftools.at/en/easymerge/

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