FREE TOOL :: DropOCR is installed as an icon tray application and has a pop-up “drop zone” as well as a local hot folder.

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Images or PDFs to be converted into searchable PDF or PDF / A documents can be simply copied to the local in-folder or dragged to the “drop zone” by drag & drop. The document is transferred to the common AutoOCR server via Web service, processed there, and then the result PDF (/ A) file is transferred back to the client and is then available in the configured local out folder.e watched folder are recognized and converted to PDF, PDF / A document.

DropOCR Functions:

  • Free Windows client for AutoOCR Server
  • Communication with the central OCR server via SOAP / REST Web service interface
  • Local hot folder and drop zone
  • Converts one or more local Image / PDF documents to searchable PDF (/ A) documents using the Remote OCR server.
  • Selection of different OCR settings via OCR profiles stored on the server

More Info and download an in PDFBlog :: DropOCR