EMailArchiver PDF Station


Convert / archiving of one or several labeled emails, entire folders or folder structures as MSG, EML, PDF, PDF / A-1b, PDF / A-3b, or combined as MSG / EML and PDF.

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Thus a new setup / product for individual workstations is available The email archiving and conversion is therefore also possible locally without network / Internet connection. The setup MSOutlook plugin (EMailArchiver) and FileConverterPro will be installed locally on the computer and not addressed over the network or server. All configuration settings are already preset, so that after a reboot after installation everything is properly installed directly without any further configuration.

Option: PDFCompressor for FileConverterPro

PDFCompressor functionality enables the PDF optimization and thus the generation of smallest, highly compressed PDF files.

Option: iOCR for FileConverterPro

An unlimited iOCR Standard OCR Engine (based on Tesseract OCR Version 4.0). This is characterized by a high processing speed, can process as input next to image files and PDF’s to create searchable PDF’s.

Option: PDF/A for EMailArchiver

Extension for EMailArchiver to convert the documents into PDF/A format. Generating ZUGFeRD 2.0 E-Invoice PDF with selection of the ZUGFeRD profile (MINIMUM, BASIC WL, BASIC, EN 16931, EXTENDED)

Option: PDFSign for EMailArchiver

By integrating the PDFSign component, the generated PDF and PDF/A files can also be signed, confirmed, encrypted, provided with a password and restrictions.

Option OmniPage OCR must be ordered separately if needed! For EMailArchiver and FileConverterPro

Please note that for licensing reasons the OmniPage OCR Engine can only be installed on client operating systems – Windows 7/10 but not on Microsoft Server 2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019. The setup can only be performed on Windows 7/10. In terms of performance and stability, this is not a disadvantage.



Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

Maintenance includes updates, patches and product support. Also applies to software products by the manufacturer or X KEY MAY Computer GmbH: New Releases (change the first digit of the version number) you receive under this agreement by 50% of the list price. Licenses for a new release within 6 months of purchase, customers receive free of charge with upright maintenance agreement.

A maintenance agreement for the MAY or XKEY products is valid for 12 months and is payable in advance. The maintenance agreement will not automatically be renewed, but we do remind you of this possibility in time.