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PDFSplit plug-in allows to search the created PDF file for keywords and split the document at this points automatically.

The information contained is used to save the generated individual documents in a specific path under a specific name.

This makes it possible, for example, to automatically split invoices, reminders, and orders into individual PDF documents via a PDF printout and to process these individual files automatically.

The control information, necessary for the post-processing, can be extracted from the content of the PDF file. The embedded information can be visible or invisible in the document. “Visible” e.g. with a printed order- or invoice-number or email address. “Invisible” means e.g. using white font on white paper or a very small font. So the information will be in the file and can be extracted, but is not readable in the document.

PDFSplit plug-in features:

  • Definition of keywords for start / end and path / file names.
  • Split either using a given list of page numbers or all “n” pages.
  • Search for path and filename in the individual pages of the complete document.
  • If there is no information found the “save as” dialogue pops up.
  • At every page containing the information the document is splitted in single parts.
  • The splitted documents are saved via the extracted information.

Product homepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

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