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PlugIn for eDcoPrintPro | With AddOverlay / Underlay PlugIn it is possible to under/ or overlay a form when printing the PDF document.

Preis pro Lizenz / Price per license
1-4 60,00
5-9 35,00
10-24 30,00
25+ 25,00
Preis pro Lizenz / Price per license
1-4 72,00
5-9 42,00
10-24 36,00
25+ 30,00
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With the AddOverlay / Underlay PlugIn you will be able to over- or underlay PDF Forms to your print automatically.  The Plugin has similar functions like the iPaper but not that convinient and not that comprehensive.

But eDocPrintPro comes with the PlugIn-Concept and a SDK and will support you with a lot of possibilities to expand and to integrate to your applications.

  • Select PDF Overlays / Underlays
  • Number of pages to be used (all, first, x page)
  • Use Forms once or multiple (Loop)

At “use once” (Loop off) with e.g. a 2 page PDF form the first page will be used once and replicated to the second page and all following pages. At “multiple” (Loop ON) this 2 page form will be used in a loop (differnt 1 and 2 page).

Producthomepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

Maintenance includes updates, patches and product support. Also applies to software products by the manufacturer or X KEY MAY Computer GmbH: New Releases (change the first digit of the version number) you receive under this agreement by 50% of the list price. Licenses for a new release within 6 months of purchase, customers receive free of charge with upright maintenance agreement.

A maintenance agreement for the MAY or XKEY products is valid for 12 months and is payable in advance. The maintenance agreement will not automatically be renewed, but we do remind you of this possibility in time.


Alternative: iPaper PDF Printer
iPaper offers a multitude of additional functions beyond the functionality of individual plugins and combines a multitude of plugins (overlay, merge, mail, sign, …) in a single easy-to-use application.