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PlugIn for eDocPrintPro | With AddOverlay / Underlay PlugIn it is possible to under/ or overlay a form when printing the PDF document.

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With the AddOverlay / Underlay PlugIn you will be able to over- or underlay PDF Forms to your print automatically.  The Plugin has similar functions like the iPaper but not that convinient and not that comprehensive.

But eDocPrintPro comes with the PlugIn-Concept and a SDK and will support you with a lot of possibilities to expand and to integrate to your applications.

  • Select PDF Overlays / Underlays
  • Number of pages to be used (all, first, x page)
  • Use Forms once or multiple (Loop)

At “use once” (Loop off) with e.g. a 2 page PDF form the first page will be used once and replicated to the second page and all following pages. At “multiple” (Loop ON) this 2 page form will be used in a loop (differnt 1 and 2 page).

Product homepage: http://www.pdfprinter.at/en/

Maintenance agreement is optional but highly recommended!

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